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Work packages

Work package 1

Ensure an efficient administrative execution of the project, so that all knowledge created is managed and disseminated in a coordinated and coherent manner, and that all technical activities, financial and legal aspects are managed to a high standard; 
Ensure all aspects of the EC requirements for communication and reporting are fulfilled; 
Overall management of the activities within the project including logistics; 
Risk management and definition of contingency planning. 

Work package 2

Will build on the results of the previous development, prototyping and technical demonstration phases to reach the following goals; 
Define the final design of the different KNOX elements; 
Establish the final design of the full KNOX system; 
Solve integration issues between elements. 

Work package 3

Manufacturing the KNOX systems for verification tests; 
Carry out the verification tests of the KNOX full systems; 
Manufacturing the KNOX systems for the demonstration activities. 

Work package 4

Carry out first round of KNOX technical demonstrations in sports stadiums and prisons; 
Analysis of the data from the first round of technical demonstrations; 
Carry out second round of technical demonstrations with the final KNOX system design; 
Show the benefits of the technology to customers, stakeholders, decisions makers. 

Work package 5

Development of the initial standard operating procedures for drone detection and mitigation to be used by the security personnel in prisons and sports stadiums; 
Establishment of the final standard operating procedures. 

Work package 6

Establish final KNOX specifications; 
Analysis of required certifications and establishment of documentation for certification; 
Product testing. 

Work package 7

Develop a Dissemination and Communication Strategy that will enable publication of the project results; 

Further develop a Commercialization plan; 

Identify and further engage with end users (customers); 

Cost/benefit analysis and final business model development.